Automatically generate unique discount codes for responders.

UserLoop requires some additional permissions from Shopify to generate discount codes, please press the 'Authorize with Shopify' button on your survey's settings to grant us access.

UserLoop can automatically generate a unique discount code whenever a customer completes one of your surveys.

The code is shown to the customer on the 'Thankyou page' of your survey, the final step.

The unique discount code is generated for that individual customer, based on the master discount code you select from your Shopify account.

Authorizing with Shopify

To start using UserLoop's discount code function we need some additional permissions from your Shopify account. This allows us to generate a unique discount code whenever a customer completes a survey. It also allows us access to read all the various discount codes you've already set up in your Shopify account.

Customizing your discount header + sub heading

You can add a custom heading and subheading to your discount code. Use this to explain the specific deal you're offering to customers with the coupon code.

Selecting a master discount code

UserLoop will display a list of all the discount codes you have already set up in your Shopify account. You need to select which code you would like to link to your survey.

Once you've selected a code, UserLoop will generate a new unique 10 character code for each customer whenever they complete a survey. The customer's unique code is based on your master discount code.

Enabling or disabling discount code generation

Use the toggle in the discount code section to turn generating discount codes on or off for your given survey. When the feature is turned off the entire discount code widget is hidden on the 'Thankyou Page'

Previewing your discount codes

You can see a live preview of what your discount code will look like to customers on your thankyou page in the live preview.

Updated on: 21/11/2022

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