How to ask follow up questions to clarify answers.

UserLoop allows you to ask follow up questions to get more clarity from customers about their initial response.

You can add a follow up question to any single select or multiple choice question, and the follow up question itself can be open ended, single select or multiple select.

Follow up questions are shown after the customer submits their response to the first question.

Data is sent to the backend at every step of a UserLoop survey - so you will get the data for the first question whether or not the customer answers your follow up.

How to add a follow up question

To add a follow up question, first head to your list of surveys and select the question you'd like to edit.

Underneath each answer option, you'll see the option to add a follow up question.

Select which type of question you'd like to ask and add your follow up question options.

Updated on: 21/11/2022

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