UserLoop combines customer satisfaction surveys with order and customer data from your Shopify account.

Whenever a customer responds to one of your surveys, this creates a new rating.

You can see all your latest responses on the Responses page in your UserLoop account.

Response data

Every response includes the following information.

Response Source

This tells you what triggered the customer to leave this rating, there are a couple of options for what this could be.

Shopify Order Confirmation Page This means the rating was from a customer completing a survey after they completed an order on your store from the order confirmation page.
Abandoned Cart This shows when the customer rated you after getting a survey for abandoning their cart and not completing their order on your store.
Test This is a rating you sent through the UserLoop survey settings page to test your survey.
Manual Send This is a survey you sent to a customer manually through UserLoop.
Survey Landing Page The customer responsed from one of your landing page surveys.
QR Code Scan The customer scanned a QR code and responded to your survey.
SDK The customer responsed from a survey you embedded using the UserLoop SDK.
API These are ratings which were collected as a result of a survey you sent out using the UserLoop API.

Customer Information

Key information about the customer who left the rating
Name The customer's full name, detected from the data on their Shopify order.Email. The customer's email address, detected from the data on their Shopify order.


This shows the rating reaction the customer left you, along with any message they typed in on the thankyou page.

Order Information

For customers who responded to a Post Purchase survey, you will be able to see their corresponding order information from Shopify.

Order Total How much the the customer's order came to.
Items How many items were in the order.
Previous Orders How many orders that customer had previously made at your store.
Total Spent How much the customer has spent in your store in total in the past.
Order Contents An itemised list of the items in the order, with quantities and values.

Updated on: 21/11/2022

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