Shopify Gift Cards

Using Shopify Gift Cards to Reward Survey Participants


Shopify Gift Cards are now integrated with UserLoop, enabling merchants to offer gift cards as rewards for customers who complete surveys. This feature is designed to improve response rates and overall customer satisfaction.

Getting Started with Gift Cards

Setup Process

Access Surveys: Go to the surveys section in UserLoop.
Select a Survey: Choose the survey to which you want to attach a gift card reward.
Thank You Page Settings: Find the new gift card option on the thank you page.
Shopify Permissions: Grant UserLoop permission to generate gift cards.
Configure Settings: Set the gift card's value and expiry date. The value is set in your store's currency.

Gift Card Delivery

Once a customer completes a survey, a unique gift card is generated and sent via email through Shopify. This email includes a link to your store, encouraging customers to visit and make a purchase.

Important Information

- One Card Per Customer: A single gift card is generated for each customer per survey.
- Customization: The gift card's appearance aligns with your store's branding and is sent directly from Shopify.
- Eligibility: Currently, this feature is available only to customers who have made at least one purchase from your store.

Use Cases

- Incentivizing customers for completing lengthy surveys.
- Rewarding customers who respond to feedback requests.
- Ideal for influencer collaborations or managing competitions.

Need Help?

For questions or assistance with setup, click the chat button in UserLoop for support.


Shopify Gift Cards in UserLoop provide a valuable tool for enhancing customer engagement and feedback processes.

Updated on: 11/01/2024

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