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Checkout Extensibility

This guide is crafted for Shopify Plus merchants who've transitioned from using checkout.liquid to the new checkout extensibility mode for their thank you and order status pages. Shopify plans to roll out extensibility features to Basic, Shopify, and Advanced Plan merchants soon.


UserLoop now has support for checkout extensibility. This lets you quickly add surveys on the order thank you and order status pages, and control their positioning through a drag and drop interface inside Shopify.

It's quick and easy to migrate to checkout extensibility, if you already have an active checkout survey you simply need to install the app block in Shopify and your existing survey will appear. Checkout extensibility also supports our discount code feature, which generates a unique discount code for the customer after they complete their purchase.

What is Checkout Extensibility?

Checkout extensibility is set to be the future standard for customizing Shopify Checkout. It offers a robust suite of features for merchants to customize checkout in a safe, efficient, and integrated manner using apps and Shopify's suite of components and APIs.

As of August 28, 2025, checkout.liquid for the thank you and order status pages will be turned off and no longer supported. This also includes turning off apps using script tags and additional scripts under the post-purchase and order status pages, so all merchants will need to migrate to checkout extensibility by then.

Which Survey Will Be Displayed?

UserLoop will display the survey you've marked as active in your UserLoop account for 'Checkout'. You can change which survey is served to customers by toggling another checkout survey to 'enabled'.

Adding UserLoop Surveys in the Checkout Editor

Navigate to Settings > Checkout in Shopify Admin to find the Checkout customization option. Here, you can add the UserLoop survey block to both the Thank You Page and the Order Status Page. The process is straightforward and identical for both pages.

Step 1. Select either Order Status or Thank You page, we recommend adding the survey to both. Then select the add App Block button.

Step 2. Click the UserLoop option to install the survey app block.

Step 3. Position the app block on the page, for optimal visibility, place the UserLoop survey block at the top of the Order details section. You can adjust the placement as needed to suit your page layout.

Survey Responses and Insights

Survey responses from the checkout extensibility pages will be directly available in the UserLoop app. Responses will appear with the Trigger: Checkout Extensibility.


Surveys are fully compatible with checkout extensibility, maintaining most settings and preferences. However, custom CSS, colour and styling settings for your survey are not supported.

Product based question targetting is not yet supported on checkout extensibility, we will be adding support for this soon.

Need Help?

For any inquiries related to this guide or UserLoop, feel free to reach out for assistance.

Updated on: 16/02/2024

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