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Survey Monetization

Monetization is currently only available for merchants in the US.

UserLoop has partnered with PPX Digital to allow you to turn your customer surveys into an additional revenue channel for your store.

You'll find the new 'Monetization' option under your survey settings, turning this on shows offers from national retailers on your survey's thank you page.

- How much can I expect to earn from enabling PPX monetization?
It all depends on the number of survey responses you have. Most merchants are seeing anywhere from $0.10 to $0.20 per view.

- What kind of offers will be shown to my customers?
National advertisers who are paying a premium to be listed in a post-purchase environment. Brands like Capital One, SiriusXM, & HomeChef.

- How can I track earnings?
You can track your earnings through the Monetization section in your survey settings, after you enable monetization, payout information will be shown after your first 30 days of activity.

- How are payouts managed?
We will pay you monthly, and within 30 days from the end of the month. You need to have had monetization active for the whole month in order to be eligible for a payout. Payouts will be made by ACH to your selected account. You can also claim your earnings as credit on your UserLoop app licence if you choose.

- Does enabling monetization affect my conversion rate?
No. The offer only appears after the user purchases and they are inside the survey. Your conversion rate will not be affected.

- When are customers shown the offers?
Customers are only shown the offers on your thankyou page after they have completed your survey. Currently, only email and link surveys support monetization, we expect to have support for more survey formats in future.

How to enable monetization.

Head to your survey settings tab and turn on the 'Monetization' toggle.

Once enabled, offers will be shown on the thank you page of your selected survey and you will be able to track your earnings.

Updated on: 09/01/2024

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